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In the mid-1990s two friends started experimenting with homemade pizzas. There was no pretense, just two guys trying to make delicious pies for themselves, and the hungry Villanova rowing team. It turns out they were pretty good at it.

Years later, SNAP founders Peter Howey & Aaron Nocks, now joined by Rob Wasserman, have kept the same simple approach to food as all those years ago. Use fresh, quality ingredients just like you would at home. Make the best tasting combinations possible, and everything from scratch. Don't overthink it.

And be nice to customers, team members, and the community. It matters.

Core Values

Time is Precious
We value our customers' time and strive for quick, efficient service. But there is no rushing. If a customer has questions, we are always happy to give the time and attention they need.

Attitude is Everything
A positive attitude is more important than anything we can teach. A drive to succeed and eagerness to learn are paramount. Genuine care and concern for others speaks volumes.

Good. Better. Best.
We commit to being great today and better tomorrow. We never stop trying to improve.

We're Team Players
It is our job to recognize both the strengths and needs of those around us, and respond appropriately. This creates a strong group dynamic and an atmosphere of teamwork that benefits both employees and guests alike.

The product is everything. We make each customer's order as beautiful as we would for ourselves.

We take an active interest in communities we serve. We know that helping our community is the right thing to do for others, and for our business.